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Study Abroad in India

Flavors of India

This is a two credit hour course aimed at individuals seeking a first-hand exposure with India.  India is the world’s largest democracy with a very rich history and cultural tradition going back uninterrupted to almost five thousand years.  A visit to India offers a rare opportunity to see the diversity of the modern emerging high tech sectors and economic prosperity of modern India and also the traditions of a very ancient country co-existing side by side. Students will have an opportunity to observe and experience the contrasting aspects of issues facing the modern India such as poverty, population growth, ethnic, political and environmental issues.  Students will have opportunity to observe/experience the ancient, pre-colonial, colonial and post-colonial aspects of modern India. Students will get to see the large city as well as rural India and the Sunderbans National Park.  They will also have opportunity to see the impact of European-colonial rule on modern India.  The ethnic, cultural, language, art, geographical and gastronomical diversity makes this course a rare opportunity. In short this course provides students a transformative experience through immersion in a very diverse cultural atmosphere, very different to North America, in a short time frame.

Syllabus and Application available U Drive/sc student file area/afzal/flavors of India